Welcome to a very special page dedicated to fashion with homeopathy motives. If you have a positive attitude towards homeopathy, you may be pleased with one of the motives on a T-shirt, bag or cap. All images are unique originals that you won’t find anywhere else.

For a better idea of what we offer, check out the gallery with photos of some color variations of t-shirts and motives, where you will be able to see the real size of the images on our products. This makes the process of choosing a product according to the motive or color of the T-shirt in the store much easier! You will find more color combinations and suitable motives.

Some T-shirts and bags are made in bulk and thus are currently in stock, others will be produce for you only after finalizing your order, so the delivery time since payment of the order is around 5 to 15 days in Slovakia and up to 30 days abroad.

On this page we offer a few things that we believe you will be happy to wear. We tested the print which is of high quality and can, therefore, withstand washing at 30 and 40 degrees Celsius and even drying in a dryer with the fabric turned on the reverse side.

I believe in homeopathy, it helped me and my family and many others I know personally. Thus, working with homeopathic fashion is a pleasure, and I hope that it will be worn with the same joy I place into the products.

Adriana Hajkova